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H@PPYVILLE is a wondrous place.

Hilarious and hi-tech, magical and musical, beautiful and touching. It’s a wonderful show that tickles your senses and emotions until you can’t help but blurt out, “Wait, WTF? How did that happen? THAT’S AWESOME!”

Starring Dave Shirley, directed by Robert Dubac and written by Robert Dubac and Dave Shirley, H@PPYVILLE is a love story packed with charming live feats and spectacular technology all wrapped in a soundtrack of personal memories.

It is utterly unique modern theater that will transport you back to the past and into the future all at the same time. Like nowhere you have ever been before, H@PPYVILLE is that special destination where you are free to laugh, ponder and love anew.

Audiences arrive in H@PPYVILLE separately but they can’t resist coming together for the ride of their life. Many even choose to come back just to make sure what they saw really happened!

Now it’s your chance. Come enter H@PPYVILLE for the most surprising and memorable trip of your life.

—Howie Mandel, Americas Got Talent

“Super talented!”
—Howard Stern, Americas Got Talent

“Ridiculous, inventive and yet, oddly old-school fun, all at once. An extraordinary theatre experience.”
—The Denver Post

“Consistently clever and often laugh-out-loud funny, this show aims at a young, hip crowd that goes for offbeat comedy. You know Blue Man Group? This show offers the same kind of wry physical humor in its tale of Lonely 1 (that’s Shirley), looking for love in all the odd places.”
—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Comedian Dave Shirley and director Robert Dubac pull out all the stops with rapid-fire dexterity and dazzling creativity in the witty, wondrous and wacky H@PPYVILLE. It’s a place you haven’t seen before and likely won’t again, and a pleasing destination it is.”
—Ladue News

“Visually stunning! Gut-achingly funny.”
—The Sentinel

“H@PPYVILLE is an extraordinary theater experience. Dave Shirley and Director/Co-author Robert Dubac have joined forces to create an unusually entertaining story we all know well. This is a different love story, one that grabs you with a silent charm and engages you with an incisive sense of humor.”
—Theater Colorado