Love Actually? A Parody

Love Actually Musical logo
Love Actually Musical logo

Is it love… actually?

This hilarious, brand-new musical follows nine quirky, questionable couples looking for love across the pond, and even 16 years after the movie premiere, we still ask ourselves these questions every Christmas…

Is love… Falling for your secretary when you are Prime Minster? Falling for your secretary when you are married to Emma Thompson? Falling for the maid after your wife cheats on you? Falling for your best friend’s wife and showing up with poster boards?

Whether you love Love Actually or love to hate Love Actually or have never seen Love Actually, you will actually love this musical! Get ready for awkward meet cutes, over-the-top grand gestures, and Mr. Bean! Oh, and lots and lots of love, actually.

“I laughed all the way through this riotous send-up that proves love actually is all around — and it’s f-n ridiculous.”

“If you’re looking for a musical that has some catchy numbers, a great cast and is sure to have you laughing throughout, definitely buy a ticket for Love Actually.”

“A show to get you in the holiday spirit – fabulous theater that you are going to want to put on your list!”
—NBC, New York Live!

“Forget the necklace Alan Rickman, buy your loved ones a ticket to “Love Actually?” and they will thank you, actually.”
—OnStage Blog

“It is unadulterated joy at its finest.”
—Theatre Life