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Bachelor: The Unauthorized Parody Musical is the most dramatic musical of The Bachelor yet! With songs like “Sob Story,” “Two-On-One Tango,” and “The Date Card is a Riddle,” this uproarious parody is packed with romance, competition, and contestants who may or may not be here for The Right Reasons.

Created by Upright Citizen’s Brigade alumn and Bachelor podcaster Richelle Meiss with music by the hilarious team of Sam & Tony, composers of The Second City hit musicals Trump in Space and Supportive White Parents, Bachelor the Musical ran for sold-out crowds in LA before coming exclusively to the Apollo Theater Chicago.

Whether you love The Bachelor, only watch The Bachelor with your girlfriend, or have never seen The Bachelor, get ready to fall in love with this musical. Who will get the final rose? Who will go home heartbroken? And how many Bachelor jokes can they cram into a 90-minute musical? You’ll just have to come pick up your rose and find out!

This show is not affiliated in any way with The Bachelor. This is an unauthorized parody musical.



Christopher Wayland and Alexandria Neyhart in "Bachelor: The Unauthorized Parody Musical
Christopher Wayland and Alexandria Neyhart in “Bachelor: The Unauthorized Parody Musical” at the Apollo Theater in Chicago. (Timothy M. Schmidt / HANDOUT)

Review: ‘Bachelor: The Unauthorized Parody Musical’ at the Apollo is funny, well sung and a fine night out

By Chris Jones
Chicago Tribune | Jan 27, 2022 at 12:55 PM

The song list is a clue to the fun to be had: “Sob Story,” “First Impressions,” “Generic Country Song,” “The Date Card is a Riddle,” “More Than a Virgin” and, perhaps most tellingly from a satiric point of view, “Penis or Heart.”

Watch “Bachelor: The Unauthorized Parody Musical” at the Apollo Theater and you’re seized anew with fresh amazement that attractive, functional humans are willing to put one of the most fundamental aspects of our shared humanity, the selection of a copacetic mate, up for public ridicule and competitive review. Yes, we’ve sunk that low here in the early decades of the 21st century. Such is the pull of the false gods of fame and fortune.

In reality, of course, “The Bachelor” (and the many spin-offs, rip-offs and whatever) are all entertainments, replete with embellished — or maybe just false — narratives suggested by producers, manufactured conflicts and characters that look like real people but really are embodiments of preexisting types: the tough-childhood story, the apparent virginal demeanor, the mean-girl persona. If you watch “The Bachelor,” you’ve seem them all.

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Exceedingly clever, legitimately funny, and far wittier than the ABC series itself. This show earns my rose.

Fake job titles, fame-seeking contestants, gratuitous shower scenes and the consistent lack of racial diversity are just a handful of the show’s signature components skewered during the show.
—The Hollywood Reporter

You’ll have fun.
—The Chicago Tribune