Four American comedy warriors face off in challenges to avoid painful, humiliating, and ridiculous punishments! The bravest audience members may also volunteer (upon signing a waiver) to participate in some of the challenges to win honor or suffer punishment.

Watch (and maybe even compete alongside them) as they battle for comedic glory and honor as they attempt to avoid hilariously painful and humiliating punishments. In the end, there will be only one winner who will have the honor of striking the “Gong of Punishment.”

To sum it all up, BATSU! is an interactive, immersive, dining and entertainment experience that fuses the Japanese comedy style of a batsu game and authentic and delicious Japanese food, with a rotating cast of the very best improv comics.

“This is truly our favorite thing we’ve ever seen, anywhere.”

“Really funny.”
—New York Times

“Must see act, you won’t want to miss!”
—The Huffington Post

“Hilarious, Strange, and Kind of Sick!”
—The Thrillist

“An East Village Sensation!”
—Asian Fusion

“Audiences Roared with Laughter!”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“Two hours of sprawling entertainment.”