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Based on the award-winning book POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance by Broadway director, author and renowned Cirque Dreams founder Neil Goldberg, this electrifying new production takes us on a journey into a fantastical world of exhilarating music, spellbinding magic and world class circus, acrobatics and aerial storytelling.

Join best friends, POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance in a big-hearted tale of adventure, friendship and imagination featuring brilliantly crafted costumed characters and an unforgettable visual landscape that transports you into the award-winning illustrations of the book. Expect to be dazzled by the gifts of song, dance, mystery and how-did-they-do-that in this whimsical family experience sure to entrance adults, entertain kids and brighten the holiday season! Available for splits and singles in 2024.

Neil Goldberg has been leading & revolutionizing the world’s entertainment landscape for over 3 decades with highly imaginative contemporary circus arts, theatrical & immersive experiences. Neil’s shows and creations have appeared in over 500 US cities, across 6 continents and attended by over 50 million people worldwide.


“There have only been a handful of shows that have generated an exclamation point as assertive as the ones created & directed by Neil Goldberg.”

“The talent was top-notch, original music joyfully contagious and the costumes like nothing we’d ever seen before. Add to the non-stop action a colossal setting surrounding a packed audience with imagery and special effects, and you’ve been transported into the POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance Universe, a place I can’t wait to take the family again.”
—South Florida Sun Times

“POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance exceeded its hype and is a cutting-edge, jaw-dropping modern-day spectacle.”
—Travelhost Fort Lauderdale

“POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance is a combination of drones, projections, magic acts and cirque acts beyond Imagination. It’s right up there with “The Nutcracker,” “A Christmas Carol,” “White Christmas” “A Christmas Story”, “Elf” and all the other holiday classics but with a magical twist.”
—South Florida Reporter