Robert Dubac

The funniest shows you’ll ever think at

Robert Dubac’s newest Off-Broadway hit, THE BOOK OF MORON, has been described as one of the most “Hilarious” “Intelligent” and “Scorching” satirical attacks on idiocracy since Mark Twain. (And “idiocracy” isn’t even a word. How dumb is that?)

PBS and the Chicago Sun-Times rave, “Riding shotgun with intelligence and absurdity, THE BOOK OF MORON crashes head first into the barriers of sex, race, religion, politics and the media. It may be offensive to some but there’s laughter for all!”

Having been brainwashed by a culture that worships Kardashians over character, delusion over truth and selfies over self-effacement; Dubac finds himself stuck in a coma of stupidity. (His IQ has dropped to Q) In order to wake up he has to ask himself the big question. Who am I? What do I believe? What’s the point? Okay, that’s three questions but, suffice to say, he has no answers. Just voices. Inner voices who come to life with precision and wit. One by one they pull him into a bizarre metaphysical universe of comical critical thought in search of the bigger picture.

It’s a head trip on a banana peel.

THE BOOK OF MORON is a fast-paced, hilarious production that combines satire and theater into what is being described by critics as: “Razor-sharp!” “Laugh Out Loud!” “Provocative!” “Thought Provoking!” “Brilliant!” and “A Thinking Man’s One Man Show!” The late Garry Shandling called it “The funniest show you’ll ever think at!” Dana Carvey from SNL declares, “If funny were a religion, Bob is nothing short of a miracle!”

So if you are tired of adolescent comedies generated by the mediocrity of television and are yearning for some satire that cuts with a clever intelligent edge; then buckle up for a hilarious joy ride over the pot-holed highways of cultural hypocrisy with Robert Dubac’s THE BOOK OF MORON!

It’s comedy on steroids. Think your funny bone can handle it?

Robert Dubac’s THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON? is an international comedic phenomenon. Described by The New York Times as “Hilarious… a one man tour de force!” it is hands down one of the funniest solo shows you will ever see.

On a quest to answer the age old question, “What do women want?” Robert Dubac seamlessly transforms himself into five hysterical boneheads who each offer sidesplitting advice on how to best straddle the gender gap – all while drinking a beer.

Men and women from eighteen to eighty laugh non-stop as THE MALE INTELLECT nudges the battle of the sexes towards a humorous détente with everyone elbowing each other in the end with loving laughter and recognition.

Hailed by critics and audiences alike “THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON? is a rare thing; a clever combination of theater and stand-up comedy that is laugh-out-loud funny, provocative and insightful all at once. There are two types of people who should rush and see it – men and women!” – The Providence Journal

Robert Dubac belongs to a unique breed of humorists, bringing to mind the best of Lily Tomlin and Mark Twain. He creates characters that boggle our minds with biting wit and rapid-fire satire while simultaneously crafting a simple story that binds us all together. His ability to combine the raucous laughter of stand-up comedy with the startling thrill of live theater continues to fill seats everywhere; as nothing like this can be seen on TV, that’s for sure.

Having been translated into dozens of languages from Hebrew to Hungarian and produced world-wide from the Eiffel Tower to Dixieland, THE MALE INTELLECT is a universal show that guarantees to be one of the most talked about performances of the season.

Brace yourself, ladies. This is how men think.

“Irreverent!” “Sacrilegious!” “Hysterical!” Jesus of Nazareth returns after 2000 years but this time he’s no carpenter, he’s a stand-up comedian. So let he who is without sin cast the first heckle! Shining the light of truth on false prophets, duplicitous politicians and immoral sheeple, J.C.’s razor sharp satire has been intelligently designed to redeem sinners of all faiths. His ecclesiastical reviews are stellar.

“Christ, he’s funny! Comedy has risen to a new level!” -Moses

“Now we know what the “H” stands for. HILARIOUS!” -Mohammed

“He is more famous than the Beatles!” -Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

“I know for a fact he can’t take a joke.” -Judas

Come bear witness to a truth that hurts and a truth that’s funny with STAND-UP JESUS! Thy kingdom come, thy will be done; and it will be done without f-bombs.* That alone is a miracle! Who better to battle the hypocrisy of modern day evangelism than STAND-UP JESUS? It’s a Second Coming blessed with punchlines. Heaven help us? Hell, yeah!

Robert Dubac (author, actor) belongs to a rare breed of humorists who make comedy smart and tragedy funny. His deft combination of stand-up and live theater is unparalleled in the solo genre. He dissects culture with an eye that is both jaundiced and probing. In other words, you get more truth and less dick jokes. Eschewing drama in the pursuit of humor he pulls our emotional strings with biting wit. Join him as he channels what God created on the eighth day. Comedy.

*DISCLAIMER: Okay, there are a couple of f-bombs but Jesus only swears when absolutely necessary. Just like you. (Don’t worry, you’ve been forgiven.)

Robert Dubac is “hilarious… a one man tour-de-force!”
—New York Times

“THE MALE INTELLECT elicits big laughs from both sexes in waves of treble and bass.”
—LA Times

“Not since Robin Williams and George Orwell has there been such whip-smart, razor-sharp entertainment and analysis. THE BOOK OF MORON is intellectually invigorating in an era of catastrophic dumbing down.”

“THE BOOK OF MORON is a fantastically fresh and funny way to get your brain clean and running again!”
—Chicago Buzz

“Dubac’s wit, writing and acting make this a don’t miss night at the theater”
—Denver Post