A Very Brady Musical

A Very Brady Musical logo
A Very Brady Musical logo

A VERY BRADY MUSICAL is a satirical, yet nostalgic, look at television’s iconic family, “The Brady Bunch,” by the offspring and frequent collaborators of series creator Sherwood Schwartz and authorized by CBS.

Here’s the story: With a 21st Century twist on the original, this new 90-minute musical – scored with hook-driven melodies and inventive lyrics – follows the adventures of the Brady kids as they’re mistakenly certain their parents are headed for divorce. After remembering to “go ask Alice” for advice, they decide to get Mike and Carol into marriage counseling and back on track. But a good therapist is more expensive than a silver platter, and they need to raise cash. Each well-intentioned idea leads to outrageous trouble, from Greg finding himself in the middle of a drug bust and Marcia joining a dating service that entails a lot more than dating… to Peter and Jan fighting an attempted murder rap. None of the Brady kids are left unscathed, and they all end up behind bars. Luckily, in true-to-form Brady tradition, things work out for the best: Mike and Carol finally get some desperately needed alone time. Written for Brady fans and lovers of irreverent comedy,
A Very Brady Musical is sure to appeal to every generation!

Book by Lloyd J. Schwartz and Hope Juber. Music and Lyrics by Hope and Laurence Juber, Grammy Award-winning guitarist of Paul McCartney and Wings.